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How we Test
our Linguists

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internal linguist testing process
| Internal Testing Process for Linguists
Having a well-established linguist testing process is vital in successful translation and localization project management.
THE RIGHT WORDS employs a complex testing and onboarding process, summed up in the following steps:
  • The THE RIGHT WORDS Vendor Manager receives the linguist's CV or other valid proof of educational and professional background and experience, as well as documentation of translation or related work experience in their field of specialization in addition to three references, at least one of which must be from a previous employer.

  • The THE RIGHT WORDS Vendor Manager validates the documentation and qualifications of the potential linguist.

  • The potential linguist takes a test translation in the particular field of expertise and language combination.

  • A reliable and accountable resource validates the test translation.
  • The HR department sends out our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and SLA (Service-Level Agreement)

  • THE RIGHT WORDS onboards the linguist by receiving his or her account documentation and creating a profile in the database.

  • Assurance and acknowledgement of professional ethics, protocols, and internal collaboration documentation.

  • Continuous assessment and enhancement of linguistic competence through active involvement in linguistic assignments.

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